Custom Printed Counter Display Boxes

The moment you walk into a retail institution there is a strong chance that you will find things that have been purposefully put in displays that are eye catching at the checkout counter or aisles. This is because these displays are designed to attract customers’ attention. At the same time as these displays which are also referred to as

custom printed counter display boxes

 play a significant role in enhancing the visibility of the brand they also contribute to the acceleration of sales.


The use of counter display boxes that have been printed with the company’s logo has become an essential marketing technique for companies that want to boost the visibility of their brand and the number of sales they make. It is the purpose of these boxes to attract the attention of customers and to exhibit things in an appropriate manner in order to facilitate the effective promotion of commodities at retail establishments and events.

Importance of Custom Printed Counter Display Boxes

Enhancing Brand Visibility

Due to the fact that they have the power to capture the attention of potential customers and to build awareness of your brand counter display boxes may be thought of as little billboards for your products.

Boosting Sales

Counter display boxes that have been custom printed have the ability to significantly increase both the number of impulsive purchases and the total gross sales of a business. This is because they include things that are displayed in a prominent way at the point of purchase.

Providing Information and Education

It is also possible for these boxes to educate customers on the characteristics benefits and applications of the product which may also have an impact on the decisions that customers make about their purchases.

Types of Custom Printed Counter Display Boxes

There is a large selection of materials and styles available for counter display boxes that are printed with a bespoke design. This allows them to meet a wide range of product categories and marketing strategies.

Cardboard Counter Display Boxes

cardboard counter display boxes are an ideal alternative for lightweight things and temporary promotions since they are both economical and adjustable. This makes them an excellent choice for displaying items.

Acrylic Counter Display Boxes

Using acrylic counter display boxes which are not only durable but also sleek creates the impression of a more upscale appearance and is suitable for exhibiting high end products because of their durability and elegant appearance.

Plastic Counter Display Boxes

The counter display boxes that are constructed of plastic are not only clear but also sturdy which allows for excellent visibility while also providing protection for the items that they harbour.

Factors to Consider When Designing Custom Printed Counter Display Boxes

Branding and Design

It is essential that the design of your counter display boxes accurately reflects the identity of your company and accomplishes the task of effectively communicating the information that you want to communicate.

Size and Shape

For the purpose of selecting the suitable size and form for your boxes it is essential to take into consideration the dimensions of the items that you need to store in addition to the amount of counter space that is available.

Durability and Material

Make sure you use materials that are durable and can withstand the rigours that are present in retail environments. Additionally these materials will protect your belongings both while they are being shipped and when they are being shown.

Benefits of Using Custom Printed Counter Display Boxes

Cost Effectiveness

Using counter display boxes that have been printed with your company’s brand is one of the most cost effective methods to promote your products and drive sales without having to spend money on expensive advertising campaigns. This is because counter display boxes include your company’s logo.


Due to the fact that these boxes may be altered to fit a wide range of product sizes and shapes they are suitable for usage in a comprehensive range of industries and applications.


Customers who are worried about the environment are likely to be interested in purchasing counter display boxes that are made from recyclable materials. This kind of box helps to reduce the impact that it has on the environment and is appealing to customers who are environmentally conscious.

How to Design Effective Custom Printed Counter Display Boxes

Understanding Your Target Audience

You will be able to adjust your design in order to appeal to the needs and preferences of your target market after you have conducted research on your target market to establish their interests and buying habits.

Utilizing Eye Catching Graphics and Colors

It is important to make use of vibrant colours and visually appealing elements in order to properly convey the message of your brand to your target audience and grab their attention.

Incorporating Interactive Elements

It is possible to include interactive components into the website of your company such as QR codes product samples or built in demos in order to attract customers and encourage them to interact with your products.

Case Studies

Conduct research on real world examples of businesses that have been successful in increasing their marketing efforts and generating sales by using counter display boxes that have been produced with their own distinctive designs.

Tips for Choosing the Right Supplier

Quality of Materials

To ensure that your counter display boxes are not only durable but also visually beautiful it is essential to choose a supplier that utilises printing procedures and materials of superior quality. This will ensure that your boxes will endure for very long.

Printing Technology

Find a service that offers cutting edge printing technology such as digital or offset printing if you want to receive patterns and colours that are clear and vibrant. This is the best way to achieve your goals.

Customization Options

If you want to construct counter display boxes that are one of a kind and unique and that also reflect your brand identity you should choose a supplier that offers a wide range of customisation options such as a selection of materials sizes shapes and finishing techniques. This will allow you to create counter display boxes that fulfil all of your requirements.


Using counter display boxes that have been printed with the company’s own logo may be beneficial for businesses that want to increase the visibility of their brand generate sales and engage customers at the point of purchase. This is because custom boxes are a marketing strategy that is both versatile and cost effective. Companies have the capacity to produce eye catching display solutions that grab attention educate consumers and drive sales provided they have a firm grasp on the relevance of effective design and choose the suitable supplier. This is something that can be accomplished if the company chooses the appropriate provider.