Expert Wedding Planning Tips

Dewi's Top Ten Guidelines for a Flawless Celebration


Planning a wedding in Jakarta

can be both thrilling and overwhelming. To guide you through this exciting journey, Dewi has enlisted the expertise of Maurice Avrahm, the creative mind behind the Jakarta-based wedding blog Simply Peachy. Maurice brings his wealth of knowledge to Dewi’s platform, offering invaluable insights into wedding planning, from gown selection to venue booking and budget management. Let’s dive into Dewi’s top ten wedding planning tips, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable wedding journey.

Initiate Early Planning for Success

Engagement marks the beginning of your wedding journey. While it’s important to relish this time, don’t delay planning. Starting early provides ample time to tackle potential challenges and ensures a well-organized celebration.

Harness the Power of Lists

Creating comprehensive to-do lists and budget breakdowns is a cornerstone of effective wedding planning. Lists help you prioritize tasks and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, especially in the bustling Jakarta environment.

Lay the Foundation: Set a Budget

Early budgeting is a cornerstone of successful wedding planning. It prevents disagreements and paves the way for informed decisions. Allocate time for setting your budget, considering contributions from family, such as parents.

Choose the Date and Venue Thoughtfully

Selecting a date, time, and venue sets the tone for your wedding. Your venue dictates various aspects, including style, color palette, and attire choices. Addressing this early streamlines the rest of your planning.

Establish Deadlines for a Smooth Journey

Mark crucial deadlines in your calendar once your date is set. Spacing out tasks over several months prevents the last-minute rush, allowing you to enjoy the process without unnecessary stress.

Capture Inspiration in a Wedding Notebook

Collect your wedding ideas in a dedicated notebook or folder. This inspirational repository serves as a visual guide for vendors, and it’s also a cherished keepsake to reflect upon after the festivities.

Teamwork: Your Ultimate Strategy

Involve your partner in the planning process to maximize efficiency. Collaboratively setting aside time to plan fosters shared responsibility. Remember, grooms often surprise brides with their genuine interest in wedding details.

Embrace Flexibility for Harmony

Wedding planning involves various preferences and choices. Flexibility is paramount—be prepared to compromise and communicate openly. A harmonious celebration results from mutual understanding and flexibility.

Navigating Vendor Negotiations

Initiate detailed discussions with vendors to clarify expectations. Ask questions, read contracts thoroughly, and understand all terms. A clear contract safeguards your interests, ensuring a smooth experience.

Empower Your Bridal Party

Lean on your bridal party for support and assistance. They’re there to help you, whether it’s selecting a dress or assembling wedding favors. Delegation is key—empower your closest friends to contribute.


As you embark on your wedding planning journey, Dewi’s top ten tips, guided by Maurice Avrahm from Simply Peachy, serve as your roadmap to success. These insights streamline your planning experience, ensuring a seamless and memorable celebration. Through organized planning, open communication, and teamwork, you can navigate the complexities of wedding preparation with confidence. Stay organized, proactive, and adaptable to create a truly enchanting and stress-free wedding day.

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